UK Venues

Our UK Bootcamp Venues

Our UK Weekend bootcamps are really popular – and many PT’s advertise this to their clients as being a kickstart bootcamp. Its a great idea to run these at certain times of the year such as ‘New Year Bootcamp Blast’, and is a great way to build rapport with your members. They are also convenient for many people due to the timescale

We have access to a large range of venues throughout the UK and we can offer you a variety of options. Our venue locations can range from hostels in the wilderness to to 5 * luxury hotels dependant on your budget and the type of bootcamp you require. Some clients prefer to be more outdoor based, whereas some prefer the luxury hotel range with spas, which is why we offer both for you to choose from.

If this is something you are interested in then all we need from you is your preferred location area, how many people you are looking to bring, the type of venue you would require, and if you would want it on a DBB basis or just BB. We can then provide you with a quote and get you booked in! 

Most of the Bootcamp locations start from only £99 pp – so you can make a great income even by just upselling to £149pp

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