Fitness Equipment For Your Bootcamp

All of which is available to you throughout your stay with us

Bootcamp Kit List

  1. 6 sets of boxing gloves and pads
  2. 20kg bodypump set
  3. 20kg dumbbell set
  4. 15 mats
  5. Selection of Kettlebells from 2kg – 18kg
  6. Dumbbell sets of 3kg and 2kg
  7. Training Station (View Click Here)
  8. Push up bars
  9. Battleropes
  10. 12 Fitballs and pump
  11. Suspension trainer x 3
  12. Agility ladder
  13. Agility hurdles
  14. Set of cones
  15. Resistance bands
  16. Volleyball/rounders set
  17. Sandbags for the beach
  18. Ab roller
  19. Stereo and cable (Bluetooth too)
  20. Scales which measure bmi/body fat/water/water etc
  21. Tape measure
  22. First aid kit
  23. Set of circuit cards
  24. Whiteboard/marker pens

* Please note that if you require any extra kit then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you