Self Catering, B & B, or All Inclusive Option for your clients?

There are a few options for the type of bootcamp you can offer to your client. We have had clients who have used all 3 so it comes downs to your preferred choice! There is a great kitchen in the Villa, and its perfectly spacious enough for 10 people which makes any of the 3 options a great choice.

portugal boot camp

Self Catering Bootcamp

This is the easiest way to run a bootcamp for your clients. We provide everything you need with the villa, equipment, transfers, support, and the only thing you need to do is to plan the fitness sessions/workshops, and look after your clients! And of course make your own meals! It may be the simplest but we have also found it to be one of the best and also most fun (makes it more of a holiday too)

You can still give your clients ideas and meal plans and even go the supermarket with them to make sure they are buying the correct things. (Supermarket is only 10 minute walk away). The self catering makes it easier due to your clients having different nutritional requirements, and also gives you more flexibility which is a real bonus (if your heading to the beach for a workout why not grab lunch down there overlooking the ocean!). In the evenings the bbq is a great way to get everyone together, and why not head out a few nights to sample the local Portuguese restaurants too (amazing food) or head into the Old Town of Albufeira for a bit of food and live music. You can even head to the nearby resort Vilamoura for the evening and enjoy dinner on the Marina. It doesn’t have to be just a bootcamp, its a holiday too for many people.

This is the cheapest option, and the majority of our clients offer it to their clients at an affordable price of just £499 – based on 10 clients this is a profit of £2000 for you for the week!

Bed and Breakfast

This is very similar to the Self Catering bootcamp, but it makes it a little easier for your clients as they don’t have to wake up every morning and make breakfast, or buy lots of things for it! Its a nice little touch to include this, and lets face it – making breakfast for 10 people or less isn’t difficult (you could even do this whilst sending them on their morning run and have it waiting for them when they finish!), and its certainly not expensive. (You could charge each person just £50 extra for breakfast and make money from it)

With this option, many of our clients offer it to their clients at £549  – based on 10 clients this would create a profit of £2350 for you for the week! (£2500 minus approx £150 for breakfast ingredients)

All Inclusive

Running an All Inclusive Bootcamp literally gives your clients everything they need. Options for the cooking include you as a trainer doing all the cooking or bringing someone with you to assist. Other options that we can offer include a full time chef staying in house for the duration of the bootcamp.

With this option, many of our clients offer it to their clients at £799 – £999 for the week – based on 10 clients this would create a profit of between 4 – 7k

We can give you advice on the best option for you, with all 3 options proven to have worked perfectly

To book the Portugal Bootcamp package or for any more details please contact us

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